Generating an rsa key to ssh

If you want to set up an an rsa key to ssh into the server without

Generating an SSH key locally on terminal. First you will need to open a terminal.

(base) username@Debbies-MBP-2 ~ % ssh-keygen

Then you will want to copy your RSA code

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/

You can validate that this works by ssh-ing in to the server name (or you can specify any name)


Finally, to see your keys, you can use this command

(base) username@Debbies-MBP-2 ~ % ls ~/.ssh            
authorized_keys	config		id_rsa	known_hosts	known_hosts.old

And here the manual for ssh:

Here is info for how to set up Oscar via VSCode:


  1. Download the Remote Development Extension Pack for VS code
  2. Select Remote-SSH:Connect to Host, and enter To pull up the function, you can press F1.
  3. Once you enter the host, it will autofill a config file for you. You can access this the SSH target from the Remote Explorer button on your VS code. If don’t see SSH Targets” automatically, check the dropdown menu for it.
  4. Voila! Once you press the target, you should be able to type your password (or if you have your RSA key set up it will be set up for you). Then you should be connected to the server.

More tips on ssh from the CCV website:


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